me and my trip away
whooohooohoooo!!! i'm actually going to Japan!!!!  like, right now, seriously, my flight leaves tomorrow but alas, it's only with a tour group, so not all THAT much freedom...>___> but still, i figured i'd get to learn more about the country....soooo, i won't be here for 2 whole weeks!!!! TT-TT *thinking about all the fanfics and delicious boy photos she'll be missing*  aaahhh, i really have to search through my friend posts when i get back....ahaha, i just wanted to post this so that anyone who actually reads, won't be wondering why i don't reply to their comments or fics or pics like i usually do....wahahhaha, i doubt anyone would wonder but the thought was nice.....XD *aaahhh, i know, i'm a sad sad person* hehehe....ok!!! i'm sad that i'll be laptop-free on my trip....but maybe i can finally get off my lazy butt and, not really....>_>  *will be trying to fit in as much ice cream as she can* wahahaha...ok, i'm babbling now...i'll leave.....hooray!!!! if anyone does read this!!! wish me a safe trip in your heart!!!! XDDDDD i love you all!!!!! kekekekeke, <3333333333 x infinity!!!!
hmmmm......i haven't really posted in here at' i won't be able to post any manga either since my whole family is here...but i wonder wat i will get....i'll probably get a gift card to b&n...ahahaha, MANGA!!! i really want  a video videos!!! ahahah...well, that's wat i'll put here for now...

eeeehhhh. this is weird....i feel like this is myspace all over again...ahaha, kidding...but HEY!!! hello...joined cuz i wanted to join some manga an' maybe some music me a leech, but i don't care...i will try to be active an'' maybe post some downloads of my own....i can't really do my best right now cuz of school....but when summer vacation hits...i'll be sure to once i get back from my trip...ehehe...well, im friendly an' u can add me if i sound interesting to you...=p


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